Television Audio Reinvented.

Dramatically improve the audio quality of your TV -
with or without soundbars or aftermarket audio systems

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Should be sold with EVERY TV!

This is one of the best purchases that I have made in a while. I was skeptical at first but am very glad that I bought this product. I will definitely be buying one for each of the other TVs in my house! This makes a huge difference in the sound quality and everyone in the family loves it.

dsmccafferty24, CA


 I don't know how it does what it does but it's an easy set up and makes my tv sound louder and much more clear. ...  I ABSOLUTELY love this product and would recommend it to all my friends, family and total strangers. A+++ rating here. Definitely a must buy!

Teni9sia83, TX

Wow!!! This thing really works!

 I have severe hearing problem and use hearing aids. Even with them I still have to use closed captioning on TV to understand dialogue. Since I installed this product I turned down the TV and can make out a lot of the words on the programs. 

Boomer1946, GA

"A new, one-of-a-kind personal audio re-mastering device that has created an intriguing, new product category in the consumer electronics industry... this product will be coveted. " -Huffington Post

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The biggest breakthrough in digital audio technology, Aftermaster delivers unparalleled clarity, depth, fullness and volume throughout the entire frequency range without compromise.