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Tired of adjusting your TV audio to hear the dialogue?

As long as you have a source of video from an external source like Apple TV, Roku, Playstation, Satellite or Cable box, this revolutionary product will fix the biggest audio problems such as not being able to hear dialogue or overly loud special effects.

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Aftermaster solves all the problems with your TV's audio

TV screens have improved but audio hasn't. Using patented technology, Aftermaster Pro gives you louder, clearer audio using your TV's existing speakers or sound bars. Simply connect your programming source like Cable box, Apple TV,  Roku, XBOX, Playstation and more into your TV using an HDMI cord and hear us fix the biggest audio problems while making everything else sound dramatically better. 

"The Aftermaster Pro transforms television audio by raising and clarifying dialogue levels…this product will be coveted."

- Huffington Post

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What is Aftermaster Pro

Why You Need Aftermaster Pro

Less Volume Adjustment

Is your TV either shouting or whispering? Aftermaster can help by equalizing your audio and virtually eliminate the need to constantly adjust your TV volume up and down.

Create Big Sound from Small Speakers.

Raise and clarify the dialogue in TV programing while limiting the level of annoying effects so everything else on your TV sounds significantly better throughout the entire frequency range of a program.

Real-time Remastering

Aftermaster's technology was originally developed for the music industry and it is the first breakthrough audio technology that can master and remaster audio to professional standards in real-time.

Easy to Set Up

Aftermaster works on everything from a standard cable or satellite box, to gaming consoles such as PS4 and Xbox and streaming products such as Apple TV and Roku. NOTE: Aftermaster Pro is not designed to work with a Smart TV where there is no external device providing the programming choice.  External connections are required to allow the programming to be remastered by Aftermaster Pro before feeding the enhanced audio program into your TV in realtime. 

Easy Audio Enhancement

Aftermaster Pro’s patented technology is the only process that carefully preserves the original intention of an audio recording, while making everything sound better throughout the entire frequency range.

Aftermaster Pro

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Hear it In Action

Your Aftermaster Pro was designed to remaster and dramatically enhance the quality of the audio that is being provided to your Television (TV) or add-on speaker Systems such as sound bars. It plugs between your audio/video source (such as a cable, satellite or gaming box, etc.) and the speakers that are providing the audio to your TV.


Should be sold with EVERY TV!

This is one of the best purchases that I have made in a while. I was skeptical at first but am very glad that I bought this product. I will definitely be buying one for each of the other TVs in my house! This makes a huge difference in the sound quality and everyone in the family loves it.

D. McCafferty, CA


 I don't know how it does what it does but it's an easy set up and makes my tv sound louder and much more clear. ...  I ABSOLUTELY love this product and would recommend it to all my friends, family and total strangers. A+++ rating here. Definitely a must buy!

Teni, TX

Wow!!! This thing really works!

 I have severe hearing problem and use hearing aids. Even with them I still have to use closed captioning on TV to understand dialogue. Since I installed this product I turned down the TV and can make out a lot of the words on the programs. 

Boomer, GA

A Crowd-Funded
Crowd Pleaser.

Aftermaster raised nearly $1 million dollars between two crowd funding campaigns!




“This is one of those products you have to actually hear to believe, and it does work as advertised!”

- Jon Rettinger, TechnoBuffalo

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