Who Needs Aftermaster?

Aftermaster TV is a revolutionary product that makes TV dialogue louder and clearer while making everything else sound fantastic.  Simply connect your Aftermaster Pro between a programming source (cable box, Roku, Apple TV, Playstation, XBOX) and your TV or between your TV and add on speakers such as sound bars, etc.


Aftermaster TV transforms virtually any television (TV) audio by making dialogue louder and clearer while making everything around the dialogue sound substantially better. Aftermaster also smooths out the transition of the loudness and audio quality between a TV program and a TV commercial. It was developed by some of the biggest names in the music and audio industries.

Imagine plugging a little box into an HDMI port in your TV that transforms your audio and virtually eliminates the need to constantly adjust your TV volume up and down to hear dialogue! And then imagine if your TV instantly sounded substantially better overall - louder, fuller, clearer and deeper whether or not you have an add-on audio system. And its fantastic for video game audio.

It's time to put down the remote and hear details that you never could hear before. It really works and it's really that simple.

Aftermaster TV will immerse you in your favorite programming like nothing you have ever experienced before.

  • 1) Clearer, louder and balanced dialogue
  • 2) Substantially less volume adjustment
  • 3) Smooths out the audio transition between a TV program and a TV commercial
  • 4) Exciting and detailed sound that you could never hear before
  • 5) More fullness and low end from small speakers
  • 6) Most importantly, a far more overall enjoyable audio experience with ease and simplicity
  • 7) It works on everything from a standard HDMI cable or satellite box, to gaming consoles such as PS4 and Xbox and streaming products such as Apple TV and Roku.

Aftermaster's proprietary (patents pending) technology was originally developed for the music industry and it is the first breakthrough audio technology that can master and remaster audio to professional standards in real-time. Unlike any other audio enhancement technology, Aftermaster makes any audio source sound substantially better throughout its entire frequency range.

Our proprietary technology allows us to actually raise and clarify the dialogue in TV programing and limits the level of annoying effects. We then process all of the audio with Aftermaster so that everything else on your TV sounds significantly better throughout the entire frequency range of a program.