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Aftermaster’s unique process is now available in a proprietary microchip or as a software implementation.

Unrivaled Audio Quality

Aftermaster’s patented and award-winning audio technology can dramatically increase the quality and clarity of any audio source in a vehicle, in avionics and in commercial transit. From music to hands free calling, to navigation and voice assistants (including AI based systems), there is no audio system that delivers Aftermaster’s unrivalled audio quality. Our deep roots in the music industry help us to understand every nuance as well as how audio should sound overall in a defined space.

Unlike other audio technologies, Aftermaster actually remasters all audio sources in a vehicle and delivers a balanced and clear end result that is unlike anything heard before. It simply delivers the highest quality audio signal to any speaker system.

Deliver a Remastered Audio Experience

Aftermaster also cuts through any ambient or outside noise, even when noise cancelling is in use. Aftermaster will dramatically improve the level of any audio while delivering a remastered audio experience designed specifically for each vehicle. The Aftermaster team can also design in-vehicle passenger location based audio solutions to deliver the best possible experience for all passengers in a vehicle. Utilizing our patented Direction of Arrival technology, Aftermaster can differentiate audio source between driver and passengers (front and rear) in milliseconds and is compatible with existing in-vehicle array microphones.

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