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Aftermaster is pleased to introduce its first proprietary (patents pending) consumer hardware product, the Aftermaster Pro™. Aftermaster exclusively developed the one-of-a-kind personal audio re-mastering device and created a completely new product category in the consumer electronics industry.

The Aftermaster Pro was developed to allow consumers to have convenient access to Aftermaster’s award winning and unparalleled sound from virtually all audio/video sources. The Aftermaster Pro transforms television audio by raising and clarifying dialogue levels, while making all surrounding audio sound substantially better. It connects easily via HDMI to virtually any audio/video source (cable box, satellite box, video game station, etc.). You will soon be able to order (for an additional fee) your Aftermaster Pro with an internal rechargeable battery and 3.5mm audio ports so it can be used on-the-go with a smartphone, tablet, computer, headphone headphone or any other audio enabled device.

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The Aftermaster Pro improves TV, smartphones and evertything in between - Engadget

A new, one-of-a-kind personal audio re-mastering device that has created an intriguing, new product category in the consumer electronics industry... this product will be coveted. - Huffington Post

Aftermaster, the best home audio thing I think I've ever run across - Pocketables


Mastering is the last step in the creation of a professional audio production. It is done by a mastering engineer who makes the final changes to an audio production to make it the best that it can be. Over time, audio is often re-mastered to make it sound even better than than it did originally. Our world-class team of audio experts have produced, engineered and mastered more hit music than any audio company in history. We know what sounds right. We spent years developing our patented Aftermaster audio technology, a unique audio process that takes sound to levels that we couldn't reach with even the best mastering techniques.

We combined our in-studio expertise with our breakthrough Aftermaster audio technology and created the world's first Personal Re-Mastering Device™ which will re-master all of your audio in real time and transform it to a whole new level—bigger, clearer, fuller, louder and more exciting than anything you've ever experienced before.

Designed for just your TV or any audio enabled device.

Our mission with Aftermaster Pro is to provide a convenient and inexpensive way to enjoy all your audio content the way it was intended: with clear, dynamic, and exciting sound. For your TV, Aftermaster Pro hooks up easily between your TV and video source via HDMI cables. Aftermaster Pro will transform your TV audio by automatically raising and clarifying TV dialogue while improving all of the audio quality in the program. No more need to continually adjust the volume of your favorite TV show to hear what people are saying.

You will soon be able to order your Aftermaster Pro (For an additional fee) with a built-in rechargeable battery so it can be used on-the-go with smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Aftermaster Pro is easily linked in between your device and headphones or speaker through standard 3.5mm audio cables. Your Pro will instantly re-master all your favorite music and videos and deliver a spectacular audio experience that you can't get anywhere else.

Hear the difference for yourself.

The following audio has been transformed with Aftermaster Pro. This is not a simulation, and your volume has not been adjusted. Hear the Aftermaster Pro difference for yourself.

Original A
B Aftermaster

It’s portable.

It's Coming Soon! The limited edition Aftermaster Pro will feature a built-in rechargeable battery making it the worlds first protable re-mastering device, so you can listen to any audio device with ease and go anywhere while doing it. Your Aftermaster Pro will be a true conversation piece as it will be limited and exclusive for months to come.

The best audio experience.

For the first time you will be able to hear anything audio in a way you've never experienced before. Bigger, clearer, fuller, and vastly more enjoyable.

Designed in Hollywood, California
Manufactured in the U.S.A.